Giang Huong musical, the first ever Broadway-styled musical of Vietnam

The first ever Broadway-styled musical of Vietnam: The Giang Huong musical was released in October at Hoa Binh Theater, Ho Chi Minh City

With a capital investment valued at more than $500.000 USD, a solid creative team, and a versatile cast, The Giang Huong musical promises to give audience a Broadway-level production.

The composition of Giang Huong musical was based on one of the most beautiful love stories in Vietnamese folk tales. Once upon a time, there was a Mandarin (court official) named Tu Thuc who met a fairy named Giang Huong. She took him to Fairyland for a life of sumptuousness. Yet he missed his home and family, thus begged her to let him visit his family. Once returned, he discovered that 300 years have passed on Earth.


Join the fantastic journey into fairy wonderland and be immersed in the emotional and fantastic love story between Tu Thuc and Giang Huong. The music, acting, comedy, choreography combined with mesmerizing stage design and visual effects promise to surprise the audience.

It is no doubt that Giang Huong musical is the first ever Broadway-styled musical of Vietnam. This feat, however, is not achievable without the casts trained in classical and graduated from the Vocal Music College – HCM City Conservatory of Music.

The Giang Huong musical brings together such beautiful singing voices as Nam Khanh (character of Tu Thuc), Hoang Kim (character of Giang Huong), Tan Dat (character of Tu Thuc), Thanh Nguyen (character of Giang Huong), Duyen Quynh (character of Ngoc Huong)… and many other famous singers.


General Director & Screenwriter: Thien Huong Tran Nguyen

She is a founder of Sun Flower Media Group, which specializes in publishing such leading national magazines as Tiep Thi Gia Dinh, Her World and magazines with international titles namely Harper’s Bazaar and Esquire. Television viewers are quite familiar with her in the role of senior judge on Project Runway. Thien Huong believes that the character Giang Huong in “The love story of Giang Huong” is a marvelous representation of Vietnamese women, who are strong; ready to overcome challenges and always willing to sacrifice.

Music Director: Phuong Nam Nguyen Cong

He is a member of the German Luftwaffe Big Band Orchestra that won the prestigious Award of “Music Dedication” in 2010. Phuong Nam has also played a substantial role in producing and directing for some of Vietnam’s most talented and prodigious singers such as Tung Duong, Le Hieu, My Le and Doan Trang…

Acting Director: Huu Tri Lam

He was an acting director and choreographer for some outstanding TV shows such as “Guong mat than quen”, “So you think you can dance” and the live shows of renowned singers such as Dam Vinh Hung, Lam Truong, Cam Ly. Huu Tri is also fully responsible for the Van Son Center in the role of choreographer.

Choreographer: Thanh Nhan Truong

Thanh Nhan worked as a choreographer for A Broadway Journey in 2016 and Assistant to the Director for MS Rhyn Saver. He has also participated in many Broadway excerpts performed by the Ho Chi Minh City Ballet Symphony Orchestra and Opera.

Assistant to the Music Director: Hoang Anh Nguyen

His first notable achievement was as a music producer for both the album “Tim lai giac mo” of singer Ho Ngoc Ha and her live show at the prestigious Lan Anh entertainment stadium. Hoang Anh was also the stage manager of many shows and projects in Vietnam such as Bonjour Vietnam and the most successful soccer tournament in the world, the Heineken UEFA Champions League.

Stage Director: Sylvain Merille

He had many years of experiences as the stage director for the Disney Live Show in France. He had also been the Stage Director for the concerts of French sing star, Johnny Hallyday, with the crew of 150 technicians serving 30,000 spectators.

Music Consultant: Hoang Diep Huynh

She was a key member of the professional team setting up highly successful television programs such as “Duyen Dang Vietnam” and Bai Hat Viet in 2010, Sao Mai Diem Hen and The Voice from 2012 to 2013, and of course, Cap doi hoan hao in 2013.

Giang Huong musical

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