The Giang Huong musical Cast attended Esky Club Party 2016

The Giang Huong musical Cast had a chance to meet together on the Esky Club party by Esquire Vietnam

Esky Club is the annual party for successful business and celebrities, hosted by Esquire Vietnam. The Esky Gala is also a venue for them to share their life stories and unique experiences with one another, to inspire and further foster successes.

The 2016 Esky Club Party at The Le Méridien Saigon Hotel saw many well-known faces such as Rich Pham, Le Hoang Chau, Shivam Misra, Duong Quoc Nam, Ho The Son, Nguyen Cong Tri, Hoang Bach, Binh Minh, Ly Qui Khanh…

The Giang Huong cast, including Nam Khanh (mandarin Tu Thuc), Tan Dat (mandarin Tu Thuc), Hoang Kim (fairy Giang Huong), Duyen Quynh (fairy Ngoc Huong) and Tuong Phung (Mother fairy), was invited for a special appearance at the party.

Couple Giang Huong – Tu Thuc (Hoang Kim – Tan Dat) came early. Since joining The Giang Huong musical, the pair have made a great couple and appeared together in many events.

Singer Hoang Kim (Giang Huong fairy)

Tan Dat (Tu Thuc)

Nam Khanh (Tu Thuc) also attended the Esky Club Party

Nam Khanh performed O Sole Mio at the party

Couple Tan Dat – Hoang Kim brought audience to tear with We Were In Love, a number from the Giang Huong musical

Duyen Quynh (Ngoc Huong fairy) and Tan Dat

Duyen Quynh wowed the audience with Defying Gravity, a number from Wicked

Hoang Kim and Tan Dat with Ms. Thien Huong Tran Nguyen – Director & Screenwriter of the Giang Huong musical

The Giang Huong musical

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