Giang Huong Musical strikes a chord with international audience

Curious to see what the international audience has to say about Giang Huong musical: A Vietnamese legend? In short: everybody loves the show!

Giang Huong Musical is a hit with local and international audience alike.

The show saw multiple revisit from Swiss musical affectionados. Comparing Giang Huong Musical to other international shows, they exclaimed, “That’s amazing, although the challenges of material shortages in Vietnam. You still built a worthy international musical. That’s admirable. We hope the Giang Huong musical going to show around the word to preserving and promoting the character of national culture of Vietnam.”

Tormod Asgard, a Trumpet artist from Norway said: “I really like the music and the voices of the actors, although I don’t understand Vietnamese, but I can feel the storyline by music. All of you are very talented. I love this musical so much.”

Mr. Tormod Asgard, Trumpet artist from Norway

After Giang Huong Musical has ended its 90 minutes run, tourists stayed behind to snap photos with the cast members and showered everyone with compliments.

A Scottish couple traveling with the 5-year-old daughter wrote: “I was really surprised to see the Broadway-styled musical in Vietnam. I came with my daughter, who enjoyed the show very much and even cried for it. I think she had watched one of the most beautiful performances in this country. The special thing of the musical is a creative combination of classic and modern elements based on the fairy tale. The jokes that come up in the musical from times to times make the storyline even more interesting.”

The raving reviews for Giang Huong Musical:

Giang Huong musical

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